Advancing First Nations Communities

This Federal Election, councils have a set of priorities that will create more than 8000 jobs and generate $1.5 billion in economic activity for Queenslanders.

Every Queensland community contributes to the economic fabric of this nation. 

Every Queensland community deserves to be a liveable one. 

We recognise the significant challenges encountered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations and we stand with our 17 First Nations councils and their communities in working towards Closing the Gap targets.

Key priorities for our First Nations’ communities are housing, financial sustainability, land tenure and connectivity.   

The Federal Government must acknowledge and respond to our First Nations’ priorities and work to ensure Queensland’s rich and unique Indigenous culture and communities can thrive.  

Priority Social Benefit Economic Benefit
Increase housing supply in remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, allocating $100m per year for five years. 156 jobs and a reduction in overcrowding to help Close the Gap across education, health, incarceration and employment $22 million to GSP
Review current land tenure issues that are impeding councils’ capacity to deliver vital infrastructure for the wellbeing of their communities Facilitate greater revenue opportunities for First Nations Councils Local economic benefits
Ensure Queensland’s 17 Indigenous councils receive their fair share of digital connectivity funding. Guarantee digital connectivity levels that are comparable to the rest of Australia Educational and productivity benefits will lead to economic benefits