Protecting the Environment

This Federal Election, councils have a set of priorities that will create more than 8000 jobs and generate $1.5 billion in economic activity for Queenslanders.

Every Queensland community contributes to the economic fabric of this nation. 

Every Queensland community deserves to be a liveable one. 

Councils have an important role to play in protecting and enhancing our environment. 

Queensland councils are at the forefront of building sustainable local communities and are leading the transformation to reduce waste across the state.

Councils are using best-practice natural asset management that links environmental sustainability to our future economic prosperity.  

Priority Social Benefit Economic Benefit
$100m per year for four years in crucial local government circular waste innovation projects. 140 jobs and a more sustainable future with waste reduction in communities Local economic benefits
Safeguard 64,000 Queensland jobs by providing $200m per year for four years to implement initiatives that support Queensland’s 32 Reef Catchment councils to protect our Great Barrier Reef. 64,000 jobs safeguarded, GBR protected The GBR contributes $6.4 billion to the Australian economy2