Reducing cost of living

Australia is in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis – and Queenslanders everywhere are feeling the pinch.  

You see it in the rising costs of your weekly grocery bill, petrol prices and everyday essentials.  

Councils are doing what they can to alleviate the burden – but they are also using their limited resources to fund services that are not their responsibility to fund.  

Join us in calling on the major parties to support your community through the cost of living crisis and ensure vital council services like roads, parks, gardens, and libraries are not impacted. 

The detail:

  1. Reduce the skyrocketing costs of insurance for residents and business owners by addressing affordability challenges, with a focus on flood impacts and strata title in North Queensland.
  2. Undertake a Parliamentary Inquiry into local government cost shifting – an unfair burden impacting ratepayers – with a focus on supply chain pressures and delivering infrastructure and services in local communities.
  3. Provide certainty for ratepayers through legislative changes to the Land Valuations Act that would include a reduction to the maximum number of years between valuations of land for local governments to three years.
  4. Alleviate the cost of development on ratepayers by reforming the infrastructure charges framework to rebalance the way trunk infrastructure is developed and funded.