Strengthening Our Regions

This Federal Election, councils have a set of priorities that will create more than 8000 jobs and generate $1.5 billion in economic activity for Queenslanders.

Every Queensland community contributes to the economic fabric of this nation. 

Every Queensland community deserves to be a liveable one. 

The Federal Government can help regions thrive by working with local and state governments to ensure local economies are resilient and that critical infrastructure is built and maintained. 

Local government is responsible for one third of public infrastructure supporting our cities and towns but has direct access to just three per cent of national taxation revenue. Councils must be supported to provide and maintain essential infrastructure and facilitate regional economic diversification. 

Priority Social Benefit Economic Benefit
Give local government full membership of National Cabinet and a guaranteed seat in other Ministerial forums Ensure the voices of local communities are heard  
Increase the road Black Spot Program to $200m over four years and Roads to Recovery to $800m per year. 1,046 jobs and enhanced road safety $161 million to GSP
Address first and last mile regional freight capacity through an additional $300m per year for the Local Roads Investment Program. Ensure supplies can get to our communities  
Provide $100m per year for a Smart Communities’ Program to deliver innovative technology-based solutions to urban challenges. 700 jobs and improved liveability and productivity $242 million increase to GSP
Address Queensland’s 3,000 blackspots by mandating mobile roaming in rural and remote communities and giving Queensland its fair share of the $84.8m Regional Connectivity and Mobile Black Spot funding. 168 jobs and improved telecommunications Add $27 million to GSP per year