Stronger councils

From the outback to our capital cities and coastlines – over 42, 000 Queenslanders work in councils supporting local communities.  

Councils work daily to shape and influence the liveability of every single Queensland community. 

Over two thirds of you view councils as providing vital services, every day of the year.

Join us in calling on the major parties to keep councils, and your community, strong. 


The detail:


  1. Reinforce the autonomy of local governments by ruling out a State imposed rate capping policy for Queensland councils and any changes to the current voting system (including Compulsory Preferential Voting).
  2. Ensure regular and ongoing scrutiny of the councillor conduct system and the impact of COI laws by supporting further changes as needed.
  3. Undertake a review of new expenditure cap laws as soon as possible.
  4. Increase training and apprenticeship opportunities with local governments by maintaining and enhancing existing partnership projects.
  5. Support the development of more Regional University Study Hubs to enable opportunities to improve liveability and address workforce challenges in rural and remote communities.
  6. Reinforce the planning authority of local governments and local land use decision making through a new planning partnership enforced through a specific codicil to the Partners-in-Government Agreement, signed by the Planning Minister and LGAQ within six months of the state election.
  7. Implement all legislative reforms recommended by the PCCC Logan Inquiry and Crime and Corruption Commission – Commission of Inquiry, within 12 months of the state election.
  8. Develop and resource an expert Security Operations Centre as a shared services concept to improve security management for local government authorities.